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Ron English, a New York-based painter, has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide for over twenty years his unique sensibility, in which the familiar is reflected through funhouse mirrors into something startlingly new. Recently his commentary and art were featured in the hit movie “Supersize Me,” widening his audience beyond the boundaries of intrepid art seekers, and he has appeared on television in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. He is also the subject of an award-winning documentary, “POPaganda, the Art and Crimes of Ron English.”Most recently Ron has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, and Amsterdam, where he created a series of paintings and billboards addressing the recent controversy surrounding the assassination of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by Muslim extremists. He has also found time to delve into toy making, with a newly released series of vinyl figures, including MC Supersized, Ronnnie Rabbbit, Big Yang and the Yangbangers, and Cathy Cowgirl.In addition to painting, Ron English is widely considered to be one of the seminal figures in the culture jamming movement, in which artists and activists subvert existing advertisements to encourage free thought. He has pirated more than a thousand billboards over the last twenty years, replacing existing advertisements with his own "subvertisements," ranging from his “Cancer Kids" campaign featuring preadolescent camels hawking cigarettes to children, to Apple computer's "Think Different" campaign, where Ron added such 20th Century luminaries as Charles Manson  to Apple’s roster of spokesmen. Most recently Ron staged an elaborate “tribute” to Ronald McDonald in San Francisco, in collaboration with the Billboard Liberation Front, featuring animatronic sculpture, billboard art and the spontaneous performance of fifty-odd Ronalds, Hamburglars, and assorted clowns.n the Fall of 2006, Ron will premier his interpretation of “Guernica” which will be one foot larger than Picasso’s original, featuring a psychodrama acted out by his children, and viewed from the point of view of the bomber airplane. He has also temporarily recreated Warhol’s factory technique in order to create updated interpretations of Warhol’s classic icons.

At Bergamot Station Arts Center      Santa Monica California