Irene Hardwicke-Olivieri

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Harvard BA, Philosophy
UCLA MD-PhD Program (PhD Molecular Biology)


A Passion of the Mind (1979) (Play)
Distempered Lyrics (1980) (Poetry)
Considerations on the Nature of Things (1986) (Philosophy)
Philosophical Aphorisms (1987) (Philosophy)
Meaning and Time (1988) (Philosophy)
A Manifesto.. Meaning and Time (1988) (Philosophy)
Disqulsitional Simulacra (1989) (Philosophy)
Issues of Objects (1992) (Philosophy)
Externalities (1994) (Philosophy)
The Meaning of the World (2000) (Philosophy)
Salvation (In Short) (2000) (Philosophy)


Contributions to Structural Elucidation of T4 Bacteriophage (1975) (Molecular Biology)
Role of Histones in Control of Gene Expression (1976) (Molecular Biology)
Thermodynamics and Design of Viral (Smart) Chemotherapeutics (1985) (Molecular Biology)
Logic and Physics of Time Twists (2000) (Theoretical Physics)


Redwood Bank, Beverly Hills (1983) (Solo, Pastels)
The Red Room, Los Angeles (1985) (Solo, Pastels)
Robert Berman Gallery (1999-2000) (Solo, Acrylics)
San Francisco International Art Exposition (2000) (Group, Acrylics)
Robert Berman Gallery , "Light Worlds" (2000-2001) (Solo, Installation)
Cal Poly Pomona, "Sensate" (2001) (Group, Installation)

At Bergamot Station Arts Center      Santa Monica California